“Too many people are still driving ICE vehicles, for too short a distance, polluting, creating poor air quality. We need people to move out of the traditional ICE and into other forms of zero- carbon transport using electricity or hydrogen.”- Alex Sobel, Chair- Net Zero All Party Parliamentary Group, UK Parliament.

MOVE 2022 saw some innovative speakers from all over the globe, and we had the great pleasure of speaking to Alex Sobel, the chair of the Net Zero All Party Parliamentary Group, UK Parliament. Sobel is also the local MP for Leeds and is committed to enabling seamless integrated transport while also pushing forward the path to net-zero.

Leeds is now the largest city in Western Europe that does not have an integrated transport system. Over the years, numerous systems have been suggested by local initiatives such as trams, bus networks, and even a metro line, however, they have never materialised. This limits movement of people around the city and therefore a transport system is needed now more than ever.

“I think that what we need to be looking at is much more integrated systems, so people can move between transport modes, particularly in urban areas” said Alex. 

To find out more about what we heard from Alex at MOVE 2022, watch the video below!