Picture: American Rebel Holdings

American Rebel Holdings, Inc. has announced the signing of a letter of intent with Deerfield, Florida based Sierra E-Life, a full-service USA manufacturer of E-Bikes. 

“We are very excited to diversify our product offerings, thereby enhancing American Rebel as a lifestyle brand, by entering the futuristic, technology-savvy market of E-Bikes,” said American Rebel CEO Andy Ross.  

“We think the E-Bike market is ready for the E-Bike with an attitude! American Rebel’s grit, style and patriotic appeal will carry through to every product we design and put the American Rebel name on.” 

American Rebel alongside Sierra, has designed three distinct E-Bike models: the Patriot 500, the Freedom 750 and the Rebel 1000. The Patriot 500, the Freedom 750 and the Rebel 1000 are planned to be made in the USA with global components. 

“Sierra E-Life is excited to work with Andy Ross in the production of their American Rebel brand of E-Bikes,” said Robert Provost, CEO of Sierra E-Life.  

“We believe the bikes are the perfect fit for the American Rebel Patriotic market.” 

The global e bike market is on the rise with the market expected to grow over $92 Billion by 2029. Many companies like Razor and Honda are now catering to their audience by offering bikes for the younger generation. 

“Many of our current 400+ wholesale dealers already carry or have an interest in carrying E-Bikes,” said Andy Ross.  

“And we already attend sporting goods buying group shows such as Nation’s Best Sports and Sports, Inc. The E-Bikes are very compatible with our safes.” 

With e bike networks expanding across the U.S, the new collaboration will fit perfectly into the growing market.