Barcelona’s public transit operator presented the infrastructure of the upcoming AMBici bike-sharing service. This will cover the entire territory of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.  

The new service is said to be launched at the beginning of next year and will be available in 15 municipalities of the Catalan metropolis.  

The company has said that AMBici will provide 2,600 electric bicycles and 236 stations to residents of the metropolis. This aims to offer more flexible and more sustainable mobility.  

AMBici will be composed of 100% electric bikes. Specifically, this will be the e-SMARTbike 2.0 model which offers the option to maneuver in an agile and safe manner, while maintaining control of the bicycle, in an urban environment. 

The e-SMARTbike 2.0 has a function known as “Starter Boost”, which activates full compatibility of the engine and accelerates faster in the first meters. 

AMBici plans to apply a promotional rate of €25 per year per pass in 2023 and will allow 30 minutes of free use per pass. After the 3 hours has ended it will cost 0.50 euros per half an hour. Later on in 2024, the subscription will cost 40 euros a year. 

The first municipalities to host the service will be Sant Feliu de Llobrgat, San Joan Despi and Cornella de Llobregat. After the initial three months, the rest of the municipalities will join.