Picture: Blaupunkt

BikeInsure has announced a strategic partnership with Blaupunkt to ensure that eBike owners have access to standardised bike insurance.  

Blaupunkt eBikes are foldable and lightweight, with magnesium frame construction, high-quality batteries, and a 350w brushless motor. Now Blaupunkt owners may obtain bike insurance for their eBike with optional theft protection as easily as it is to get for your smartphone in just a few minutes. 

Today’s eBikes need a standalone insurance coverage policy to provide cyclists with protection. BikeInsure provides reimbursement for repairs to your bicycle and listed accessories due to accidents when riding. Coverage continues during transit of the bicycle and extends to a stolen bike when optional theft protection is selected. 

“I once represented the ‘blue dot’ symbol of excellence when I sold Blaupunkt Car Stereo systems years ago,” said BikeInsure CEO Buzzy Cohn.  

“So when I saw the announcement on BicycleRetailer.com that Blaupunkt was bringing foldable eBikes to the United States, I pursued a partnership to offer their customers the opportunity to ride with ‘peace of mind’ BikeInsure coverage. Once again, it is a privilege to provide valued solutions to Blaupunkt customers.” 

“As we target our foldable eBikes toward commuters and anyone with a traveling lifestyle, we are thrilled with our BikeInsure partnership to promote comprehensive Bike Insurance to our customers. BikeInsure’s tagline ‘enjoy the ride, you’re covered’ is what we desire for our eBike riders,” said Greg Manning, VP of Marketing and Sales for Blaupunkt eBikes North America.