Coastr joined us at MOVE 2022!

Coastr joined us at MOVE 2022!

Coastr’s Founder and CEO, Biswajit Kundu Roy, was at MOVE 2022 to talk about their AI technology that they are developing to automate and digitialise fleet management. Also, about how they are improving fleet utilisation.
“One of the things we really want to do, and this is kind of the vision of Coastr and yesterday we made a pledge about it as well, is that we want to help customers really understand their carbon footprint and a major part of Coastr’s vision is to enable more shared cars and shared vehicles” said Biswajit
We are happy to be seeing Biswajit and the Coastr team again at MOVE America in Texas in September! Biswajit will be speaking about why the automotive industry is heading towards a hyperconnected future.
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Teague Egan makes amazing pledge at MOVE 2022 and talks all things lithium!

Teague Egan makes amazing pledge at MOVE 2022 and talks all things lithium!

MOVE 2022 had the great pleasure of catching up with Teague Egan who spoke of the fantastic pledge they have made for the next year and how important sustainable solutions are for the battery industry.

The battery industry has been described as one of the most important parts in the race to electrification and companies are fighting to provide innovative mining solutions to ensure that materials are extracted more cost effectively and sustainably.

Teague commented saying: “The materials that go into the batteries, they’re there, we know what they are but there’s just not enough of them. That’s the bottleneck, right. So figuring out ways to more efficiently extract them and in larger quantities and create that abundance, that’s where the focus needs to go”.

Not only are EnergyX providing key industry developments, but they have made an incredible MOVE pledge for the next year.

Teague said: “Obviously our whole company is revolved around the energy transition and sustainability. We recently made a pledge for the S, the social aspect of this. A lot of these mines that battery materials come from are in really remote places around the world, that have indigenous cultures and the people there aren’t very affluent or wealthy so what we did was we pledged $100,000 dollars to improve some of the education systems and healthcare infrastructure in really remote parts of Bolivia.” 

We are also excited to see Teague and EnergyX at MOVE America, Austin,  in September, the home of EnergyX!

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Alex Sobel from UK Parliament joined us at MOVE 2022!

Alex Sobel from UK Parliament joined us at MOVE 2022!

“Too many people are still driving ICE vehicles, for too short a distance, polluting, creating poor air quality. We need people to move out of the traditional ICE and into other forms of zero- carbon transport using electricity or hydrogen.”- Alex Sobel, Chair- Net Zero All Party Parliamentary Group, UK Parliament.

MOVE 2022 saw some innovative speakers from all over the globe, and we had the great pleasure of speaking to Alex Sobel, the chair of the Net Zero All Party Parliamentary Group, UK Parliament. Sobel is also the local MP for Leeds and is committed to enabling seamless integrated transport while also pushing forward the path to net-zero.

Leeds is now the largest city in Western Europe that does not have an integrated transport system. Over the years, numerous systems have been suggested by local initiatives such as trams, bus networks, and even a metro line, however, they have never materialised. This limits movement of people around the city and therefore a transport system is needed now more than ever.

“I think that what we need to be looking at is much more integrated systems, so people can move between transport modes, particularly in urban areas” said Alex. 

To find out more about what we heard from Alex at MOVE 2022, watch the video below!

Oxbotica’s Paul Newman at MOVE 2022!

Oxbotica’s Paul Newman at MOVE 2022!

“Oxbotica’s vision is to become indistinguishable from perfect when it comes to safety in the way that we change how the earth moves.”- Paul Newman, CTO and Founder, Oxbotica

Oxbotica’s Paul Newman joined us at #MOVE2022, where we got to talk about Oxbotica’s latest autonomous project: the first safe and sustainable, zero occupancy vehicle. A few weeks ago Oxbotica deployed, on UK roads, the first zero-occupancy vehicle driving around our streets.

Paul commented: “That wasn’t particularly technically hard, the hard bit about that was making sure we had every spotlight, invited every point of view on the safety, the legislation and insurance to make that open and transparent…”

We also got to talk about what potential industry developments we will potentially see in the next 12-18 months!

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Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg talks free public transport and new mobility plan at MOVE 2022!

Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg talks free public transport and new mobility plan at MOVE 2022!

Picture: Francois Bausch

We caught up with Francois Bausch, Deputy PM of Luxembourg, at MOVE: mobility reimagined to talk their new Mobility Plan 2035 and how Luxembourg has become the first country in the world to make public transport free.

As the transition towards net-zero approaches, many countries have made the decision to charge nothing for public transport services. This aims to reduce the number of cars on the road, and aims to be cheaper than owning a private car. Making public transport free could significantly reduce Co2 emissions in crowded urban zones, who are the main contributors to such pollution.

However, some people worry that this could not be the best step for urban cities to take. Governments would be solely responsible for the costs of public transport e.g, maintenance and salary of staff and therefore it means that this would be very expensive to implement. Furthermore, public transport can already be very chaotic in commuter hours, and making it free could only increase this chaos as more and more people ditch their cars.

Whatever the pros and cons might be, the country of Luxembourg is one of the success stories that has come from making the decision not to charge for public transport.

Bausch commented saying: ““We have a complete new strategy about reorganising our mobility system, and for me, the free public transport is the icing on the cake of this strategy,”

He continues to say: “I must say that the discussions we provoked by launching free public transport helped us a lot because it’s really something to de-diamondise… it’s a real success, and I can only suggest for other urban areas to do the same thing”

Many countries have discussed trialling free public transport in an attempt to make their cities more environmentally friendly, however, it may be a long time before we see this implemented across the globe.

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