Picture: Comptek

Comptek Technologies and Aero Wireless Group Company, along with a leader in engineering and manufacturing smart poles and concealment shroud solutions, announce their role in the Link5G initiative, a revolutionary multi-service solution designed to bridge the digital divide and accelerate 5G deployments in New York City. 

In collaboration with ZenFi Networks, the CityBridge Consortium, and Antenna Design, Comptek serves as the designer and manufacturer of the Link5G poles utilised in this project, providing solutions for wireless networks to close the digital divide across New York City. 

Comptek is no stranger to this area of work, and therefore, offers a full suite of wireless concealment poles, shrouds and infrastructure solutions to meet carrier requirements and the aesthetic character of the community. 

The Link5G pole was designed to address the need for more wireless connectivity across New York City. 

The team’s aim was to design a multi- tenant, multi-technology structure that could seamlessly integrate into the streetscape of New York City, without sacrificing technology. The resulting structure enables ultra-fast wireless services from multiple providers.  

Highlights of the structure include five independent, RF-optimized bays to house antennas and integrated radios. Each of these bays can be accessed independently, and each section utilises frequency specific shrouding to minimize losses. It also includes multiple RAD centers for optimal technology specific siting, including, but not limited to, 5G mmWave, Wi-Fi, C-Band, and other licensed and unlicenced spectrums. 

“Helping cities achieve their smart city aspirations with our catalog of infrastructure products and services is a focal point of our mission at Comptek. We’re proud to be able to play a significant role in the efforts to close the digital divide in New York City ” commented Comptek CEO Jim Lockwood. 

Ray LaChance, ZenFi Networks Co-Founder and CEO has also said, “Comptek has played an integral role in the launch of Link5G in New York City. Throughout the design and initial implementation processes of the Link5G kiosk, our experience working alongside Comptek has been one of collaboration and partnership. We’re thrilled with the result and excited to showcase Link5G across New York and across the country” 

As smart cities around the country deploy millions of sensors and endpoints, New York included, Comptek will play an essential role in any deployment plan, at any stage. 

 Comptek’s innovative methods and technologies are adaptable to future equipment changes, and engineered to minimise installation time in the right-of-way. CityPole and hybrid smart poles can be reconfigured or upgraded as required throughout their life cycle as the wireless operators and cities’ technology mature and change.