Picture: Cruise

Cruise is now inviting potential customers in Phoenix and Austin to join the waitlist to be among the first Cruise robotaxi passengers.  

The company has been operating a fully autonomous vehicle service in San Fransisco since June and just last month, Cruise announced plans to add Austin, Texas, Phoenix and Arizona to their list of locations.  

Cruise initially launched its waitlist in San Fransisco earlier this year and it had promised that rides would be free but later they would have the intent to begin charging for the service shortly after.  

Potential riders will have to fill out a questionnaire which asks what time of day riders would most likely use the service: morning, afternoon, night and late night. 

Currently in San Francisco, Cruise only operates from 10pm to 6am due to Californias regulations. Waymo provides a robotaxi service that operates 24/7 and is outside of Phoenix from 2020 and therefore Cruise may not be able to keep to its current schedule at night to ensure it keeps up with competitors. 

The company has said that they will share more updates on the time of day it will run its service soon.