Daimler Truck has started mass production of the Mercedes-Benz eEconic, developed for urban municipal services applications, at its Wörth factory. 

,Daimler Truck aims to sell only carbon neutral vehicles in its main sales regions covering North America, Europe and Japan by 2039 as it attempts to accelerate electrifying its vehicle fleet.

The eEoninic is intended to be used within the scope of municipal services, at its Wörth production facility. 

Application tests of the eEconic, which is the second truck with the star of Mercedes-Benz running on battery electricity after the eActros, have been carried out with customers since May 2022.  

The first vehicle to be mass-produced by Daimler Truck will be delivered to a company called Urbaser A/S, which operates in the waste collection sector in Denmark. Mass production vehicles, which will come off the production lines, will be delivered gradually to other customers throughout the year. 

The eEconic will be manufactured on the existing Mercedes-Benz Special Truck series production line in parallel and flexibly with trucks powered by internal combustion engines. After most of the vehicle is assembled, electrification will be carried out at the Truck Center of the Future. 

The eEconic, Daimler Truck’s second battery-powered truck, has to a large extent the same features as the eActros in terms of basic technical features. 

The eEonic is intended for use as a waste collection truck and is therefore designed to follow the vast majority of the same waste collection routes that an Econic truck currently follows in a single shift without intermediate charging.  

The electric powertrain of the vehicle makes it possible to implement the vehicle cabin at ground level. In this way, it is easier to move in the cabin and this is especially advantageous when the driver wants to leave the vehicle through the folding door on the other side of the driver’s seat, without interfering with the traffic. 

The start of series production of the eEconic represents one of the milestones in Daimler Truck’s carbon neutral transport journey. 

 In order to contribute to the carbon neutral transformation of the commercial vehicle industry, the company aims to make carbon neutral transportation vehicles ready for the road by 2050. In this context, Daimler Truck aims to sell only carbon neutral vehicles in its main sales regions covering North America, Europe and Japan by 2039.