Tracy Mack-Askew leads the development of solutions for DTNA customers in diesel powertrain technologies, and supports the transition to electrical propulsion solutions in chassis and vocational products.

Mack-Askew has over 20 years of automotive manufacturing experience and joined DTNA in 2014 as the vice president of engineering at Thomas Built Buses (TBB).

“Our goal is to really move the world. Everything that you have, whether its clothing, food, fuel, anything you have, had to be transported on a truck…so we say our trucks, we move the world. We want to be great business partners to our customers, helping them serve the greater public”- Tracy Mack- Askew

We had the great pleasure to speak to Tracy Mack-Askew, Executive Director and Chief Engineer of Chassis, Propulsion, and Vocational Engineering at Daimler Trucks! Tracy gave some great insight into the importance of fleets and also their upcoming projects working with fuel cells!

Watch the full interview below!

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