We spoke with David Roberts, CEO of Verra Mobility about some of their innovative industry solutions and how these can make cities smarter and safer!

Verra Mobility are one of our platinum sponsors fore MOVE America this year!

Verra Mobility is a global leader in smart mobility technology that makes transportation safer, smarter and more connected.

They enable smarter roadways by providing integrated technology to manage tolls, violations and vehicle registrations for our commercial customers. As cities become smarter and mobility becomes more complex, connected and automated, Verra Mobility makes life safer and easier on the road ahead.

Jon Baldwin, EVP of Government Solutions will be joining a panel at MOVE America to discuss how new tech is reducing traffic flow and increasing safety.

Find out more about Verra Mobility at: Verra Mobility

Don’t miss out on seeing Verra Mobility at MOVE America! Find out more at: MOVE America 2022