HQ and Lyft have just announced a partnership which will allow HQ to add on-demand Lyft rides to its aggregated supply of mobility solutions to corporate clients, which also provides black cars, taxis, shuttles and more.  

HQ, the leading innovator in corporate mobility, provides mobility solutions to many of the world’s leading heavyweight companies including global investment banks and financial institutions, law firms, advertising and marketing firms, consulting companies, insurance companies and more.  

HQ’s solution automates the entire process from bookings to billing, invoicing & payments, allowing companies to efficiently outsource all their mobility needs.  

The partnership with Lyft Business allows HQ clients to use Lyft as part of their ground transportation program through being fully integrated into HQ’s enterprise platform solution from booking through billing & payment. 

With employees going back to the office and business travel recovering quickly, employees need reliable business travel providers. Companies are leveraging HQ’s platform solutions with a variety of car provider options to ensure an optimal passenger experience. 

HQ gives clients access to a variety of safe and vetted riding providers who are part of the HQ SummitGround platform.  

Lyft Business provides affordable and reliable transportation solutions for thousands of organizations of all sizes to move the people they care about — from employees, to patients, customers, and more. 

“At HQ, we provide employees with the best riding experience by always ensuring that there is a ride for them when and where they need it, including on demand. Our partnership with Lyft is a key next step to ensuring we have a large variety of options to serve our clients’ employees,” says Jeff LaFave, Managing Director of HQ.  

“We are very excited about this new partnership and looking forward to having our clients’ employees get access to Lyft’s large network of drivers across the United States.” 

“Improving people’s lives is at the center of what Lyft Business does. We’re thrilled to integrate with HQ to not only remove friction for their clients’ travelers but also elevate rideshare within corporate travel,” says Jordan Westcott, Director of Strategic Solution, Lyft Business. 

Through the new partnership with Lyft, HQ expands HQ Connect (HQ’s network of car providers) to include an on-demand ride-hailing option across the US.