Zity by Mobilize, the electric carsharing service owned by Renault & Ferrovial groups, has choosen CloudBoxx, the sharing telematic unit from Invers, to digitize its fleet in the newly launched service in Milan. The Zity team has been won over by CloudBoxx’s reliability, Invers’s support, and the driving analysis feature.

Zity was founded, first launched in Madrid in 2017 and expanded to Paris in 2020, to Lyon in March 2022 and to Milan in June 2022.

Invers supports Zity by Mobilize in the operator’s global expansion. The IoT provider has equipped Zity’s carsharing fleet for its new service in Milan, which launched in June 2022. Invers will also outfit vehicles of the operator’s fleets in Madrid.

Being able to locate and access vehicles anywhere and at all times is critical for carsharing operators who want to efficiently manage operational costs. The quality of support provided by Invers has said to have been a deciding factor for Zity; with a business case built to a large extent on digital services, it is important for the operator’s tech team to get professional expert support on-demand. Zity has also seen the benefit of being able to analyse trips in more detail with the driving analysis feature.

Zity by Mobilize has more than 500,000 registered users and operates a fleet of 1,300 electric vehicles in free-floating carsharing, including Renault Zoe and Dacia Spring. In 2021, Zity increased the number of rentals in Paris and Madrid by 7.5 percent to 1.5 million, while increasing its revenue by 19 percent to 8 million Euro.

“The Zity team has done an impressive job over the last two years: they have adjusted their expansion plans to the new conditions of the pandemic and have grown the business of European shared e-mobility significantly”, says Alexander Kirn, CEO of Invers.

“With its always-on connectivity, reliable access, and sharing-specific features, our CloudBoxx technology has been designed to run and scale this type of mobility operation.”

CloudBoxx is a dedicated sharing telematics unit that enables operators to digitize any vehicle to make it sharing-ready. The solution provides operators with real-time information from their vehicles and enables them to send commands such as to unlock and lock the vehicle or unlock and lock the immobilizer.

“When it comes to operations, it is very important for us to have reliable connectivity”, says Javier Mateos, CEO of Zity.

“In our tests, CloudBoxx has proved to be the most dependable sharing telematics unit, always delivering reliable connectivity to our vehicles, as well as the precise location details and comprehensive vehicle data for driving analysis. To scale our services across Europe, we need a reliable, dedicated technology that simply works.”