Leoparda Electric is looking to further build its network of battery swapping stations to help spread adoption of electric two-wheelers in the region of São Paolo, where the startup is based.

While Latin America is the second largest two-wheeler market after Southeast Asia, electrification in the area has been slower to develop than many of its competitors.

While several Latin American countries have set some targets for zero-emissions sales or internal combustion engine phase-outs, lack of incentives, weak policies, and inadequate charging infrastructure have held the region back from adopting EVs, according to a report from international Council on Clean Transportation. 

“They do about 100 kilometers per day, which means they spend a lot on gasoline, which means they have a lot to save by switching to electric,” Jack Sarvary, co-founder and CEO of Leoparda Electric told tech crunch.  

“Electricity is 10-to-1 cheaper than gas. The problem is there’s no infrastructure to support that. So, if we build the infrastructure, we enable them to access these huge potential savings.” 

While Leoparda’s core business is battery swapping, the startup aims to tackle the challenge of whether the vehicle comes first or the infrastructure by putting together a subscription package that includes an electric motorcycle or seated scooter, unlimited battery swaps, maintenance and insurance. 

In total, this should cost couriers in São Paolo, Brazil around $200 per month.