Picture: EV Safe Charge

One start up is aiming to change the whole face of EV charging. Accessible charging is an issue within the industry as of today, and even though there are chargers out there, it can be highly difficult to source one.  

EV Safe Charge have recently previewed a mobile charging bot called ZiGGY, that drivers will be able to call through their smartphone app or their cars infotainment system. The robot finds the car, plugs it in, and then returns to a staging area to be recharged from the grid, a solar array, or energy storage batteries.  

This is a great development within the charging industry. It means that EV owners won’t have to block off specific parking spaces for EV charging and it could save a significant amount of money as people will no longer have to install chargers in their home.  

The robot is also equipped with two large screens that can show advertising, providing an additional source of revenue beyond charging fees. The release listed Sand Hill Angels, a Silicon Valley angel investor, as a backer for the startup’s launch. 

EV Safe Charge plans to start production of its ZiGGY charging robots in 2023 and has said that they have a wide range of locations onboard. Those include a Holiday Inn Express in Redwood City, California, the Opera Plaza in San Francisco, and The William Vale, a hotel in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood of New York City’s Brooklyn borough. 

“Strong EV sales and emissions reduction goals are creating a more sustainable future, but EV charging infrastructure isn’t keeping up,” said Caradoc Ehrenhalt, founder & CEO of EV Safe Charge Inc. and ZiGGY’s inventor.

“ZiGGY is a flexible and simple solution for virtually any office, mall or apartment complex to help meet growing charging needs of its tenants and guests without expensive, time-consuming infrastructure and installation investment, if it’s even possible. In many cases, especially in older buildings, adding EV chargers isn’t an option until now.”

Lots of companies such as Tesla and Always have experimented with portable charging ideas, however, EV Safe Charge aims to be the first company to launch a commercial charging robo service. 

Many are still unconvinced that this could be the way forward for charging services, however, we hope to see many more of these innovative ideas continue to act as an incentive towards electrification.