Morfuns, a manufacturer of electric bikes, has recently upgraded its Eole S model by adding suspension and equipping it for an even more comfortable, utility-focused ride. The brand has upgraded its model even further with its new Eole X model.  

The company has launched the Eole X and Eole X Pro which offer different features. While the Eole X Pro features a suspension fork up front for a full suspension set up, the Eole X only has rear suspension.  

They both share, however, conventional aluminum frames as opposed to the expensive carbon fiber Eole S. The bikes come standard with a 36V, 10Ah seat post battery; a 36V 15Ah battery upgrade is available for a 50 percent increase in range. 

Users have the option to leave the seat and battery on the bicycle when parked as a new feature is a locking seat post clamp which prevents the battery pack from being stolen.  

Morfun claims that the bike has a range of 41 miles with the basic battery and can even reach to 71 miles with the bigger 15Ah battery.  

The company offers an aftermarket bottle battery which enables users to increase their range, as it increases the battery’s capacity by 7Ah. Morfun claims that this gives riders a maximum combined range of 106 miles. The 250W version of the Eole X and X Pro will have high speeds of 15 miles per hour for the European market, and a slightly faster 18 miles per hour for the 350W version designed for North America.  

Morfuns have said that their electric bikes can manage hills at a 20–30-degree angle and if riders shift into low gears, they can climb steep slopes a lot more easily. Both bikes also come with 20-inch wheels and hydraulic brake discs. They also both have tires that are 2.0 inches wide and 2.2 inches wide. 

The Eole X Pro startes at $1,499, and the Eole X has an early-bird pricing of $1,298. Shipping is expected to start in September and October. These bikes would be a great sustainable option for getting around, and while they are high in price, they definitely will make life easier for commuters within cities.