Here is some of the most upcoming tech that we think you should watch out for at MOVE America this September:

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  1. Kiwibot 

Many people are worried about the inevitable takeover of robots, but I don’t think we need to be too worried
 about Kiwibots delivery robot. At Kiwibot they have developed an autonomous robotic delivery fleet to be used around cities to deliver essential items. Not only this, but the smart bots have cost-effective cyberinfrastructure and automatic data collection systems that are able to map areas and collect data to help with city planning. They are able to identify problems with the road, and because of their small stature, they take up less space than cars or bikes on the road!



   2. Helbiz

Helbiz has recently announced that it will be releasing its HelmetChecker, a real time AI helmet verification, for sale to micro-mobility operators. HelmetChecker uses AI and computer vision to ensure that a rider is wearing a helmet and has the strap secured. Micro-mobility operators can use HelmetChecker to stop a vehicle from unlocking until it confirms helmet use or provide incentives to riders.




  3. Neste 

Now, we can’t forget about what’s powering these fantastic vehicles. Neste has been able to develop sustainable aviation and truck fuel, which is made completely out of renewable, recycled products. Using this product reduces 80% of GHG emissions in aircraft and an even greater 90% when used in truck fleets.  


                                                                    4. Viritech

Cleantech engineers, Viritech debuted their revolutionary hydrogen powertrain technology in the form of the Apricale, the world’s first zero-emission hypercar to achieve weight parity with petrol-engined competitors, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Apricale will deliver a unique hypercar driving experience combining track-car agility with zero emissions. The car is a radical reimagination of FCEV hydrogen powertrain and delivers 1000bhp and weighs under 1000kg.   




5. 4.screen 

4.screen has built a platform that enables seamless interactions between local businesses and drivers. The
4.screen API-based solution allows Audi drivers to experience valuable content at the right moment on the in-car screen and benefit from an extensive network of partners that offer exclusive services and products, such as sponsored parking and charging.  Drivers will soon be able to connect with their surroundings by using location-based services and real-time premium offers, revolutionising the way they interact with the vehicle’s environment. You will feel more connected to your car than ever before. 



6. Pipedream

We’ve spoken about delivery robots, but now imagine an underground delivery network. Pipeline has developed an all-electric system which allows cities to make deliveries cheaper while reducing the Co2 emissions generated from traditional vehicle deliveries. Deliveries are loaded into their robots and sent across the city to another hub using their network of underground pipes. This means your packages will be moved around the city at warp speed with no environmental damage! 



 7. Apex AI

Apex AI have created software called the Apex.OS, which has been developed to automate any vehicle from cars to robots and even mining equipment. They can help companies expand beyond the prototype phase and develop solutions that can be scaled without sacrificing reliability and safety. Most recently, Apex AI are helping design an autonomous farming robot. The robot can plant seeds 24 hours a day and will use satellite-based navigation to accurately pinpoint areas for planting! The life of a farmer has just got a lot easier!