Picture: Neovolta

Neovolta, a manufacturer of Smart Energy Storage Solutions, has announced that its systems will be deployed in electric vehicle charging stations at select national gas and convenience store locations, starting in Georgia.  

This initial phase of installations is part of an expected nationwide rollout of NeoVolta batteries in 1,000 EOS Linx EV charging stations at various gas stations, convenience stores, and hotel chains across the country. 

This introduction of charging stations will allow EV owners to recharge their EV while shopping at selected stores. This U.S. franchise presence consists of roughly 7,000 brand sites, along with more than 1,000 convenience stores. The first installation recently took place at a service station in the Atlanta suburb of Peachtree City. 

“In NeoVolta, we have found the smart energy storage solution that meets our high standards for reliability and performance,” says EOS Linx CEO Blake Snider.  

“We are excited about our nationwide rollout with their battery in our network of EOS Charge stations.” 

Through its partnership with EOS Linx, NeoVolta will provide customised energy storage systems and intelligent power management for EOS charging stations. The clean solar energy stored in the NeoVolta battery can be used to power the charging stations even when the sun isn’t shining. Each EOS Charge Station is also equipped with a minimum of two chargers and a 55- or 75-inch digital advertising display. 

“We are extremely proud to provide the clean energy storage solution for EOS Charge stations,” said Brent Willson, CEO of NeoVolta Inc. “With the rapid adoption of electric vehicles, we welcome the opportunity to bring NeoVolta technology to American drivers.” 

The NeoVolta systems provide high storage capacity and power output, along with high-cycle battery life. Engineered with a lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry, these systems are a safe, nonflammable alternative to ordinary lithium-ion batteries. In 2022, NeoVolta was recognised by Solar Power World’s Top Solar Storage Products for the third year in a row.