Picture: Netwatch North America

Netwatch North America has announced the newest version of its Netwatch Web App, a web portal that enables Netwatch Web App, a web portal that enables Netwatch dealers to perform essential site management functions for their customers.  

The platform is built to enhance speed and efficiency and allows dealers to manage sites from anywhere at any time. The company has said that dealers can verify location and system status, update arming and disarming schedules, and modify critical contacts from a single solution.  

Netwatch’s app dramatically simplifies the management of Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring, allowing customers to launch a new site or even verify an incident. 

“As we continue to develop our technology stack, we sought to build a more robust platform that could continue to evolve with our ever-growing needs,” said Justin Wilmas, President of Netwatch North America. “The enhancements to our web app prepare us for the future by supporting integration and compatibility with new solutions and redefining the user experience with a more modern, streamlined platform.” 

Netwatch North America describes itself to be a pioneer in the delivery of proactive video monitoring, a purpose-built service to help stop crimes before they happen. It has features of personalised audio voice downs stop crime on 98% of occasions.  

This year the company says it has experienced sustained growth, developed new partnerships with security integrators, and secured significant deals.