Residents across Aberdeenshire are set to benefit from a new Internet of Things project which is said to have potential to transform lives.  

The project will see a trial of six smart technologies in partnership by Aberdeenshire Council, with North as part of the company’s IoT Accelerator Pack Programme. 

The pilot will provide the council with access to real-time data insights on building health, social housing, water monitoring, waste management, air quality and road surface temperature monitoring. This will allow local authorities to make better decisions, benefiting the community. 

The Accelerator Packs are being rolled out across 12 towns in Aberdeenshire, including Ellon, Westhill and Stonehaven which will allow the council to explore reductions across cost and energy consumption. This will support local authority’s net zero commitments. 

Smart solutions will be installed such as five road temperature sensors installed across the region, increasing the council’s ability to make informed decisions. Additionally, 15 air quality sensors will be added to measure air quality and housing schemes will also be put in place. 

The trial will allow any issues to be identified such as needing to make better use of resources and seeing trends.  

“Our Digital Strategy 2020-2025 set out our priorities and commitments to optimising digital technology to improve our organisation, enable economic growth, support the environment and benefit citizens and communities. The North IoT Accelerator Packs presented us with the ideal opportunity to test and evaluate smart technologies that could potentially transform council services on a small scale, before committing to large scale investment. We are excited about the results these pilots could potentially deliver.” said Philip McKay, project sponsor at Aberdeenshire Council. 

The results will be used to digitally transform services to improve efficiency and effectiveness across Aberdeenshire.