Picture: IndyGo

The Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IndyGo) has announced that it has officially launched the Lumin-Air state-of-the-art UV-C light air filtration system on its entire fleet of buses in service, including paratransit, regular fixed-route and Red Line buses. 

The first transit agency in the nation to install this system on its full fleet, the new system helps continuously remove pathogens, allergens and some odours from the air IndyGo riders breathe, bringing them cleaner air. 

After the aftermath of COVID-19 and the lifting of mask mandates, passengers will have a greater peace of mind while travelling on the buses and will have an extra layer of protection. 

“I’m proud to say our buses now have some of the cleanest air in the country,” said IndyGo President and CEO Inez Evans.  

“With the installation of this system, we’re demonstrating how we prioritise safety. Our riders and coach operators can breathe easier knowing their air is cleaner than ever before when they travel with us.” 

The system leverages the HVAC unit on buses to draw in air from the bus compartment, filter it, eliminate harmful contaminants and return the clean, conditioned air back to the bus. The system is completely self-contained, meaning riders are not exposed to UV-C light and nothing is emitted into the air people breathe.  

The entire volume of air in a bus passes through the HVAC system once every two minutes, compared to once every six to 10 minutes in an office space. This level of circulation helps ensure the continuous replenishment of clean air inside the bus.