Picture: NFI Group

NFI unveils next generation hydrogen fuel cell-electric bus Xcelsior CHARGE FC. NFI’s advanced hydrogen fuel cell-electric, zero-emission transit bus delivers increased range and reliability through simplified system integration and design, high-power batteries and streamlined battery packaging.  

The new Xcelsior CHARGE FC is one of the very few that uses hydrogen powered fuel cells to create electricity and to charge batteries for an environmentally friendly zero-emission range. This is said to save 85-175 tons of greenhouse gas per year. 

With a range of over 370 miles1, the bus can be refueled in 6-20 minutes depending on the model and operating conditions and requires no overnight plug-in electrical recharging. The only tailpipe output is clean water vapor. 

“The new streamlined design is easier to service and maintain, delivers longer range at highway speeds, improves energy recovery, and is smart city-capable, making it the most advanced hydrogen fuel cell-electric bus available on the market.” said Chris Stoddart, President, North American Bus and Coach, NFI, 

“With the Xcelsior CHARGE FC now added to NFI’s market-leading EV and AV vehicle lineup, NFI is undeniably leading a new mobility era, delivering unmatched performance and sustainability benefits to transit operators.” 

The new FCmove™-HD+ fuel cell power module from Ballard Power Systems introduces a more compact and robust design with lifecycle cost reductions achieved through lower maintenance requirements, higher reliability, and fewer parts.  

The integrated design houses all subcomponents in a single enclosure; it is smaller, lighter, and uses 50% fewer parts, making it easier to service and maintain. It offers over 97% fuel cell power availability while in service, and a wider operating range across a wide range of climates. 

Today, NFI supports growing North American cities with scalable, clean, and sustainable mobility solutions through a four-pillar approach that includes buses and coaches, technology, infrastructure, and workforce development.