Picture: Optibike

Optibike has released the new Everest edition, which is the first E-Bike capable of climbing Mount Everest on a single charge, the R22 Everest Edition E-Bike. Everest features the largest battery in an E-Bike, a staggering 3260-watt hours of energy.  

The Everest was made in the mountains of Colorado and is capable of climbing up to 24,000 feet on a single charge.  

“The R22 Everest is the result of my 25 years of designing and building E-Bikes, the R22 is my dream bike, born and bred in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This bike sets a new standard for E-Bikes.” said Jim Turner, Founder and Inventor of Optibike. 

The bike is the product of the world-famous E-Bike designer, Jim Turner. The R22 Everest can take on any mountain, with the highest torque E-Bike motor and largest battery, the R22 goes where no other E-Bike can go.  

While the idea of climbing Everest was just a bit of fun, the R22 Everest was designed and made with mountains in mind. Inspired by the Rocky Mountains that surround Optibikes Colorado headquarters, Everest was designed to go beyond flat roads and basic city hills in a way typical ebikes cannot, supporting ambitious expeditions that include long mileage and rocky roads. 

The R22 Everest develops motive power from Optibike’s own 1,700-W PowerStorm mid-motor drive, which works in conjunction with a Rohloff Speedhub 500 14-speed internally geared hub. That e-drive kicks out 140 lb-ft (190 Nm) of torque perfect for tugging a loaded bikepacking trailer into motion or quick-climbing steep, bump-riddled sections of trail