Picture: Nashville Voyager

In her hometown in Nashville, Raven Hernandez created one of the most well-known eco-friendly ride-share companies called EarthRides: “It’s Uber but with Teslas”.The companies growth has been quick, back in 2021, the company transported more than 180,000 passengers, offsetting 230 million grams of carbon. Hernandez’s company has since expanded from Nashville to Austin, Texas, too, and now has some 100 employees.

“I was looking at LAX one day and thought, the pollution here is insane and I had become really passionate about my health, buying quality food and quality clothing, and so then to look at LAX and think what does all that matter if my earth is polluted? And so EarthRides was born out of the mission to accelerate the adoption of clean technology and we are doing that through electrifying rideshare”- said Raven.

One of EarthRides greatest attributes is her pride on her staffing and on the reliability, ride quality, and safety her company provides to her riders.

“We shouldn’t all just run to rideshare because its the easiest option and quite frankly it shouldn’t be the cheapest as drivers need to make living wages as well…we aren’t the cheapest option and we aren’t the fastest option and that’s something I am personally proud…you can’t have a cheap ride and pay your drivers fairly” said Hernandez.

Equality and equity is something that EarthRides prides itself in and is very admirable to those within the field. The company’s six-person leadership team is 50 percent female or POC. Forty percent of Earth Ride’s drivers are women.

The young founder has created an incredible business and did not wait around to become one of the most eco-friendly car sharing options, which is not the only bonus, you also have the pleasure of riding around in a Tesla!

Raven will be appearing at MOVE America this September in Austin to talk about purpose built commercial vehicles and will also be appearing on a panel talking about how MaaS reduce emissions and deliver on climate goals.

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