Picture: Redwood Materials

Redwood is set on a mission to build and expand the production of battery components, anode and cathode, in the U.S and aims to produce them from an ever-increasing amount of recycled content. 

The company have said that they will be making major investments within the U.S and will be spending billions of dollars to scale their technology and facilities in the next few years to bring cathode online and ramp production to 100 GWh which would be enough for 1 million EVs by 2025.  

By 2030, Redwood expects the production of both anode and cathode to scale to 500 GWh per year of materials, enough to power five million electric vehicles. 

Panasonic has now announced that it will source Redwood’s cathode for battery cell production in Panasonics new Kansas plant, targeted to come online in 2025. This will be the first-time cathode has been produced in North America at the Gigafactory scale and used in U.S battery cell manufacturing, a critical milestone for the domestic supply chain and one of the key objectives of the recent Inflation Reduction Act. 

Redwood will supply U.S battery cell manufacturers with strategic battery materials produced domestically. By ramping up a domestic battery materials supply chain and using the highest possible percent of local, recycled raw materials is the easiest way for the U.S to meet their 2030 goals of 50% EV sales.