Picture: Renault Group

Renault and Atos launch ID@Scale, a new service for industrial data collection to support manufacturing companies in their digital journey towards 4.0. “ID@S (Industrial Data @ Scale) claims to allow manufacturers to collect and structure data from industrial equipment at scale to improve operational standards and product quality.  

ID@Scale was developed by the car manufacturer and is already in operation within its factories. It is now said to be industrialised, modularised and commercialised by the digital leader Atos. 

The partnership development of ID@Scale was based on the wide amount of data that the production process made for manufacturers. The new service will allow manufacturers to collect data from a wide number of manufacturing facilities in a standardised and effective way, then contextualised and made available in the cloud. 

The company claims that easy access to standardised data accelerates the deployment of many kinds of use cases such as production, maintenance, quality, and energies, etc), including net zero benefits. An additional feature is that manufacturers can target energy consumption benefits.  

This comes as part of the company’s digital transformation strategy, Renault Group’s IT, digital and engineering teams have developed this data from its manufacturing facilities. This solution has been deployed on a large-scale across twenty-two plants with Renault Group. 

“Renault Group has developed a unique technology solution to collect large-scale manufacturing data to improved performance of our production tools and therefore the quality of our vehicles. Today, we are pleased to announce a new milestone.” said Jose-Vicente de los Mozos, EVP Group Industry, Renault Group 

He continued saying: “Through our collaboration with Atos, we will go one step further in commercializing our expertise as we support manufacturing sector organizations in the scale-up of their digital transformation. This marks a new step in Renault Group’s digital transformation and innovation capacity.” 

More than 7,500 pieces of equipment are connected, with standardised data models representing over 50 different manufacturing processes from screwdriving to aluminum injection. Renault Group has said that they are already saving 80 million Euros per year and aim to deploy this solution across the remainder of its 35 plants, connecting over 22,000 pieces of equipment, by 2023 to generate savings of 200 million euros per year.  

Atos is continuing to strengthen and industrialise Renault’s solution through its combined technology portfolio, services and consulting expertise.  

The ID@scale service benefits from Atos’ Edge to Cloud offering, enabling real-time analysis of large volumes of complex industrial data while securing it from the Edge to Cloud platforms, as well as optimizing the inference of the most complex artificial intelligence models thanks to its Bull Sequana Edge server range. 

“In a market with no equivalent solution, Atos modularizes and enhances Renault Group’s initial solution for all manufacturing sectors, on a worldwide basis. By joining forces, Atos and Renault Group are enabling organizations to effectively collect data from their plants to leverage information on a large-scale basis and successfully scale-up and accelerate their digital manufacturing transformation.” said Rakesh Khanna, Head of Digital, Atos. 

The service is said to continue to evolve, as it is suitable for all types of environments. Atos claims that whatever the industry sector, a solution is generated anywhere in the world. This marks a new step towards digitalisation for Renault Group and will be a key player in helping manufacturing companies.