Whitepapers, Video on Demand and Events for MOVEMNT

Investment in mobility: Will it change?

Over the past number of weeks we have repeatedly heard reports of how Coronavirus will create a "new normal" for the future of work and consumer behaviour. During this webinar we will debate how the different sub-sectors of mobility have been impacted and what...

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Making transport talk

What is the key to a sophisticated smart transport network? For a start, smart cities must maintain continuous communication between vehicles and control systems, authorities and operators. This webinar will show how US and Canadian smart cities are solving their...

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Autonomous vehicles: the big update

The current global situation is opening up many areas of opportunity, not least in the world of autonomy. Join this webinar to hear how AV tech, truck platooning and deliveries are thriving in this uncertain world. Speakers: Chuck Price, Chief Product...

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