MOVE 2022 had the great pleasure of catching up with Teague Egan who spoke of the fantastic pledge they have made for the next year and how important sustainable solutions are for the battery industry.

The battery industry has been described as one of the most important parts in the race to electrification and companies are fighting to provide innovative mining solutions to ensure that materials are extracted more cost effectively and sustainably.

Teague commented saying: “The materials that go into the batteries, they’re there, we know what they are but there’s just not enough of them. That’s the bottleneck, right. So figuring out ways to more efficiently extract them and in larger quantities and create that abundance, that’s where the focus needs to go”.

Not only are EnergyX providing key industry developments, but they have made an incredible MOVE pledge for the next year.

Teague said: “Obviously our whole company is revolved around the energy transition and sustainability. We recently made a pledge for the S, the social aspect of this. A lot of these mines that battery materials come from are in really remote places around the world, that have indigenous cultures and the people there aren’t very affluent or wealthy so what we did was we pledged $100,000 dollars to improve some of the education systems and healthcare infrastructure in really remote parts of Bolivia.” 

We are also excited to see Teague and EnergyX at MOVE America, Austin,  in September, the home of EnergyX!

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