Tesla is now partnering with electric vehicle charging reliability platform ChargerHelp! To survey the status of various chargers in the company’s Destination Charger Network.  

ChargerHelp! is an app-based dispatch and deployment system that helps to resolve issues with downed or inoperable electric vehicle charging stations. The company offers on-demand repairs and maintenance support from local workforces, which can come and service a malfunctioning EV charger in Tesla’s Destination Charger Network. 

Teslas Destination Charging Network includes 35,000 wall connectors at Destination Charging Sites which include hotels, restaurants, and resorts. They are not as powerful as the Tesla Superchargers as they only offer 22kW of power.  

ChargerHelp! has said that its partnership with Tesla will begin in California as the platform will survey Destination stations to provide critical data points and insights connected with the station’s overall performance. 

“Trusting that a charging station will work and knowing that if there is an issue it will be fixed in a timely manner is essential to EV drivers and paramount to the success of the industry,” said Kameale C. Terry, ChargerHelp! Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer. 

The biggest challenge facing EV adoption is charger reliability and accessibility. The issue pushed California Governor Gavin Newsom to write the “EV Charging Reliability Transparency Act,” a bill supported by ChargerHelp!, which could help solve most of the issues with EV charging maintenance.  

A lot has been put into charging infrastructure as The White house announced over $700 million in private sector commitments for EV charging infrastructure. Many others industry giants such as Toyota, Honda, LG Energy Solutions and Ford Motor company have used this investment to build manufacturing facilities for EVs and batteries.  

New innovation is welcomed by all EV owners as the transition to electrification is arguably halted by its infrastructure.  

ChargerHelp! was founded in 2020 and operates at a fixed monthly price per EV charging station.