The California Air Resources Board is planning to launch a new pilot program that aims to help small trucking fleets make the transition to zero emission technologies. 

The Innovative Small e-Fleet pilot will focus on privately owned and nonprofit trucking fleets with 20 or fewer trucks and less than $15 million in annual revenue. The pilot falls under the umbrella of the larger Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus voucher Incentive Project. 

This program aims to support truck operators who face strong challenges when trying to transition to emission free vehicles in the form of upfront costs, limited financing and complex planning for charging needs. 

 Those who are operating small fleets can work with a provider approved by CARB and HVIP to request a voucher. Approved providers will include truck dealers, financing partners, leasing and rental companies, or truck-as-a-service providers.  

The CARB pilot program will provide $25 million for the implementation of a range of solutions that help small fleets make the transition to zero-emissions. The solutions intended are options such as flexible financing, short-term rentals, and full-service leases, such as all-inclusive truck-as-a service options with enhanced incentives and fueling support.