Roads & Traffic Expo Thailand is the leading meeting place for the road transport ecosystem. 

Supporting the sustainable development of the nation’s transport infrastructure is a key focus of Thailand’s Ministry of Transport. In line with the Thailand 4.0 vision, the 20-year National Transport Infrastructure Investment Plan 2017-2036 is geared towards achieving transport efficiency, and creating green, safe, inclusive, and innovative transport. By harnessing the power of digital technologies, and building out and renewing transport networks and systems, the government is making unprecedented acceleration in making Thailand a hub for connectivity.  

To drive greater public infrastructure investment and increase investor confidence, the government has also rolled out its Transport Infrastructure Investment Plan, which is linked to the 20-year National Strategy and the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan, and emphasises transport modality shifts, increased connectivity, and enhanced mobility.  

The Thai government is committed to innovating Thailand’s transport sector, partnering with various stakeholders including manufacturers and connectivity providers, as they work to solve challenges in urbanisation, sustainability, security, global competitiveness, and economic development. Are you ready to join them?  

Roads & Traffic Expo Thailand is the trade show for the entire roads transport ecosystem in Thailand. Industry leaders and experts from across Thailand attend to do business and get up-to-speed with developments in the fields of infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, urban transportation, parking, and safety.