The City of Toronto has created a new Climate Advisory Group that will guide the implementation of the city’s Net Zero Climate Action Strategy. Local residents are now able to apply to become part of the (CAG), as they can act as advisors and champions for climate action. Members will also have a say in the policies, programs and initiatives being developed as a result of the TransformTO Net Zero Strategy. 

The Toronto City Council-approved Strategy has a target to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2040. The City’s target is one of the largest in North America. 

Citizens of the city who have a great interest in climate action and justice are encouraged to apply, along with other members of the public such as youth representatives and representatives from community organisations. The City of Toronto is encouraging those with economic and social barriers to also come forward and participate in this action.  

“The City of Toronto is committed to implementing its TransformTO Net Zero Climate Action Strategy in ways that also improve our health, equity and economy.” Said Mayor John Tory.  

“I encourage Toronto residents from all areas of the city who have an interest in helping us achieve our ambitious climate targets to apply for the Climate Advisory Group. This strategy is so important to the work we will be doing as a city government to meaningfully address climate change and we know the input directly from residents will help guide these plans.”

It has been said that 20 members will be selected to carry out a term of three years and the first meeting is to be held in fall 2022. The CAG is one of three groups being created as a result of the Accountability and Management Framework that was developed to guide the road to net zero. 

The framework was established to show that the Council recognises how the significance of public engagement and collaborative actions from all members of the community is the way forward to achieve Toronto’s climate goals and targets. 

“Residents and advocacy organizations came together to help the city develop the TransformTO Net Zero Climate Action Strategy, and through this Climate Advisory Group, they’ll help to shape its implementation” said Councilor Mike Layton, University-Rosedale 

He continues: “I am confident that this opportunity to share knowledge, perspectives and experiences will be invaluable to help Toronto reach our ambitious climate targets.”