Picture: Toyota

Earlier this week Toyota unveiled an all-electric SUV concept that used plant-based materials for its seating and an AI “personal” assistant as the automaker expands its “beyond zero” portfolio.  

The bZ compact crossover concept debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show and is meant to showcase Toyotas vision for its battery-electric future. The company has said that it plans to launch 30 fully electric vehicles including five under the bZ badge.  

Back in 2021, the automaker unveiled the all-electric Toyota bZ4X under the bZ brand. The vehicle shares many similarities with the Subaru Solterra thanks to a collaboration with the two companies to come later this year.  

The inside of the new car showcases seating which is made from plant-based and recycled materials and a semicircle-shaped steering wheel that looks like the top has been looped off. The company has named the personal assistant Yui, who responds to requests from front or rear passengers using sound and lights.  

The new SUV concept car has been said by Toyota, to showcase a possible vision of the very near future for its EV line up. Toyota hasn’t released a specific date for the launch but has said that the portfolio will support its goal to go carbon neutral by 2050.