Press release and picture: Global News Wire

UFODRIVE has announced that customers in seven major cities can now rent Tesla’s and other premium electric vehicles in two minutes, with no lines, no paperwork, upselling, or keys.  

The company has continued to expand its operations since launching the first of its U.S operations in San Francisco back in August. The company has said that they are consistently the highest rated car rental experience in the world. 

“After three months of immense effort, electric, hassle-free rental is now available from West Coast to East Coast in the US,” said Edmund Read, UFODRIVE’s Chief Commercial Officer. “There is nothing like our combination of proprietary EV management tech and 24/7 in-rental service. Discover why we have the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. Book-register-drive in two minutes. Never lose a key again. Let us worry about your charge-level, we’ll help book you into the right charger and pay for it. Forgot where you parked? We’ll honk the horn and flash the lights for you. We can even switch the AC on for you or pop the trunk if needed. Nobody else in the industry can do what we do for our customers every day.” 

UFODRIVE now has unique rental hubs within 29 cities and ten countries across the globe. The rental company prides itself on having various locations including airports and prime downtown locations. UFODRIVE has many EV charging, financing and parking partners and aims to be a part of the shift towards electric vehicle use. 

“Europe has traditionally been ahead with EV infrastructure, but it’s clear that the United States will take the lead in 2023,” said Aidan McClean, CEO and co-founder of UFODRIVE. “The U.S. will easily become our largest market in the new year. We’re hoping our success will encourage the major rental players to go digital and go green faster than they are today. With over 20 million electric miles driven in ten countries to date, we’ve proven that it’s the way forward, both environmentally and financially. Our unique technology enables us to have the highest operating margins and makes us the most efficient rental operation in the industry.” 

UFODRIVE aims to eliminate the traditional rental experience pain points and bring to life the features of today’s EVs that petrol powered vehicles will not be able to match, according to the company’s press release. 

“This year has been so exciting in the States,” said Renaud Marquet, CTO and co-founder of UFODRIVE. “We’ve added our first U.S. specific features, including streamlined ID verification and market leading charger aggregation. Following successful rollouts in Europe, our new subscription and delivery services will go live in the U.S. in January. Behind the scenes, our white label EV fleet management SaaS product has been chosen as the pilot platform for the largest electric fleet transition programs in the U.S.”

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