Picture: Yahoo

VIA Motors, an all-electric commercial OEM vehicle manufacturer, has announced that it has entered a partnership with EAVX, the newest business unit of JB Poindexter & Co, to develop a fully electric class 2b delivery van.  

The new vehicle is said to be designed and prototyped by EAVX and will feature VIA’s proprietary VDRIVE skateboard technology and the body will eventually be manufactured by Morgan Oslon. 

“VIA Motors is working to change last and mid-mile delivery with functional, reliable, and durable electric work trucks that are preferred by drivers and have an attractive total cost of ownership,” said Bob Purcell, CEO. “By pairing VIA’s industry-leading VDRIVE skateboard and EAVX’s innovative, walk-in van concept, we view this as the perfect partnership as we strive to develop technology that delivers a smooth, quiet and ergonomically pleasing experience for drivers.” 

Together it has been said that the two companies will jointly develop Class 2-5 electric work trucks utilising VIA’s fully customisable electric “skateboard” platform, with an initial focus on class 2b product. VIA’s VDRIVE skateboard has a number of features including a 3-in-1 drive system, the ability to accommodate different battery sizes, high cargo-volume efficiency, a driver-forward design that aims to enhance driver view and industry-leading turn radius and maneuverability. 

“Like EAVX, VIA is a company centered around innovation and collaboration, and we are thrilled to partner with them on developing the next generation of delivery vehicles,” said Mark Hope, COO and General Manager of EAVX. “Since the beginning, we’ve worked to be at the forefront of the industry by collaborating with fellow leaders like VIA. This partnership is another critical way in which we are transforming the world’s largest fleets for a more sustainable future.”