Here at MOVE we have created the world’s most important mobility event, where disruptive technology and innovation drive a carbon zero future for the entire value chain.

MOVE America opens its doors tomorrow and we are joined by some of greatest visionary leaders on our keynote stage!

Take a look at some of our innovators taking the stage and what you can expect to hear from them!

Vic Shao, CEO, BP pulse

Jeff Nieman,Senior Vice President, Operations Initiatives, Hertz

Scaling with speed: lessons in accelerated e-mobility deployment
bp pulse and Hertz are both making major investments to accelerate EV adoption, from deploying tens of thousands of EVs to building out networks of EV charging stations. Hear from these two major players in the energy and transportation industries on the real-world application of deploying EV fleets at large-scale.We will discuss:
  • Leveraging the right partnerships to scale EV fleet deployments
  • Key considerations to make when moving from the pilot stage to large-scale projects
  • Why now is the right time to expand your EV fleet
Teaser: Be the first to learn about a new partnership between bp pulse and Hertz that will transform the future of EV adoption.

Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin

The advances and challenges in designing for smart cities

-We are living in Austin’s Golden Age of Mobility

-The Mayors will touch on his 5 major mobility projects over 8 years during his term. This includes Project Connect, 1-35 Cap n Stich and the Airport expansion. 

-Strategic Mobility Plan (SMP) as foundation to how we think of mobility as a city – to be multimodal, sustainable, disruptive mobility plans to move people, not just cars

-Austin will be the most walkable city in America with 400 miles of sidewalks.

-Austin will rival NYC for its multimodal, all ages and abilities 400-mile bike network


Teague Egan, CEO, EnergyX

Navigating the Supply Chain Crisis

-Teague will be touching on the energy transition.

-His presentation will include current lithium demand/cost and future projections

-You will discover how companies like EnergyX are working on solutions solve this crisis 



Alexander Stevenson, VP Product, Samsara

Harnessing Data to Overcome Modern Challenges

-How can operations leaders remove the guesswork as they seek ways to face these challenges head on?

-In this presentation, we will share how you can harness connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) data to measurably improve the way you operate.

-You will learn how real customers are using the Samsara platform to reduce their environmental impact, increase efficiencies to cut costs, boost the use of their services, and more.


Kent Helfrich, CTO, General Motors

Investing in next-generation batteries that will lower EV cost

-Telling the story how GM Ventures is investing in next gen batteries that are going to lower EV costs.

-Kent will start at the beginning and talk about GM’s vision of a zero-emission, zero crashes and zero congestion.

-His presentation will touch on the electrification and the software and data platforms that GM have developed.

-Talk about open innovation and combining the best internal and external ideas while zoning in on the series of investments and industry collaborations, partnerships, purchasing alliances.

-Focusing on the intersection of big companies and small companies and how to get their innovation connected.

Linda Zhang, Chief Engineer, F-150, Ford Motor Company

Innovating to electrify the world’s most popular truck


-Linda’s keynote will be a Fireside Chat with journalist and podcast host Joan Michelson about how Ford innovated in all areas to electrify the world’s most popular truck—the iconic Ford F-150.


-Their discussion will explore innovation to deliver the Ford F-150 Lightning and how Linda led the team through the process; what the team learned and what’s next for Ford—August’s No. 2 electric vehicle brand— in its plans to deliver 600,000 EVs by 2023.

Julie Johnson, Head of Market Development & Growth Strategy, North America,  Volta Trucks

Angela Strand, Board member, Lordstown Motors

Mobility of the Future: What’s next?

The discussion will include:

-What technologies or business models will emerge during the bridge from ICE-based mobility to clean fueled mobility?

-What innovations in mobility are emerging as a result of the growth in e-commerce?

-And, how will ESG drivers impact mobility beyond the tailpipe?


Alex Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Market Transformation, Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator

Sahil Segal, Director of Portfolio Engagement, Toyota Ventures, 

Tobias Lescht, Director, Head of EV Infrastructure and Energy, Revel

Accelerating mobility startups from 0 to 100

-The panel will be discussing how the platform team helps determine if there’s a strategic fit between a startup and a business group, and facilitates engagement with different in-house teams.

-It’s difficult for a startup to make inroads at a much larger enterprise, therefore Toyota Ventures commits additional resources to facilitate successful engagements over a long period of time.

-The panel will be sharing examples of mobility startups that have engaged with Toyota, such as May Mobility, Joby Aviation, Parallel Domain, and Revel. Together with Revel’s Tobias Lescht, Head of EV Infrastructure and Energy, Sahil will be discussing how the relationship between Revel and a Toyota business group has developed over time.

Eric Bach, SVP of Product & Chief Engineer, Lucid Motors

Delivering world-class efficiency to change the face of luxury EVs

-More so than with ICE vehicles, overall efficiency is the new imperative for electric vehicles, beyond just range alone

-In order for any electric vehicle to achieve their true potential, a holistic engineering approach is required focused on:

-Powertrain and electrical systems efficiency

-Vehicle packaging and aerodynamics

-Rolling resistance and road load

Using these principles, Lucid has applied its proprietary technology to Lucid Air to create the industry’s most efficient EV to date:

-Industry-leading 516 miles of range from 112 kWh battery pack, which equals 4.6 miles per kWh (Lucid Air Grand Touring)

-670 hp from a 74 kg motor, which offers up an industry-leading 9 hp per kg, almost three times the next closest competitor

-Packaging efficiency that offers up the interior volume of a large luxury car with exterior dimensions comparable to a much smaller class of cars

Mark Dowd, Director, Zero Emission Vehicle Fleets, White House Council on Environmental Quality  

Alex Keros,Smart Cities Chief, Maven, General Motors Company

Building America: How do we reach net zero goals?

-Sustainability requires a climate goal of net zero emissions, and road to net zero emissions must go through the transportation sector.

-This transition from vehicles using liquid carbon-based fuels to vehicles that are powered by carbon free electricity, will change the way we move.

-The Biden Administration is leading by example by requiring the largest fleet in the world transition to zero emission vehicles, including a mandate to acquire 100% zero emission light duty vehicles by 2027, and zero emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles by 2035.

Nick Elder, Director of Corporate Strategy, TORC Robotics

Collaborative innovation: The key to integrating autonomous trucks

-Why long-haul autonomous trucking is valuable to the freight industry and public

-Why a collaborative approach is needed to effectively integrate autonomous trucks with the freight network

Examples of:

-How #1: Collaborate with OEMs and technology partners to develop a solution rather than components

-How #2: Collaborate with freight haulers to understand their operational challenges and value drivers

-How #3: Collaborate with vehicle safety organizations to stay ahead of the latest safety standards.