Picture: ZF

ZF, a global technology company, and NIO have signed a strategic partnership to develop steer-by-wire products, alongside developing other fields.  

Both Dr. Holger Klein, Member of the Board of Management, ZF Group, and Willian Li, Founder, Chairman and CEO of NIO, attended the signing ceremony alongside other members of senior management. While a wide range of discussions were underway, Kevin Pan and Dr. Peter Holdmann signed the agreement.  

Both companies have agreed to establish an instant information sharing mechanism to deepen communication and conduct regular technical exchanges to jointly engage in industry-leading processes and quality standards, said the company’s press release. 

It has been said that ZF and NIO have planned to extend their collaboration to brand promotion, product marketing, technology and quality enhancements, as well as customer service. 

“ZF’s new steer-by-wire system is a market-leading, cutting-edge technology. We are excited to be working closely with NIO, an outstanding representative of the Chinese automotive industry that is actively engaged in technology and business model innovation, and a pioneer in the globalization of the Chinese automotive industry,” said Dr. Holger Klein, Member of the Board of Management, ZF Group. 

“We will continue to expand our cooperation with leading automotive customers against the backdrop of the connectivity, electrification and autonomous megatrends, and give full play to ZF’s technology strengths to play an increasingly important role in the open automotive ecosystem.” 

“As vehicles become increasingly electric, autonomous, and software defined, ZF has been establishing a leading position in the industry with its comprehensive by-wire technology offerings and has been awarded significant contracts by multiple customers with steer-by-wire launches scheduled in all major regions,” said Christophe Marnat, Executive Vice President, Active Safety Systems, ZF Group. 

The signing of this agreement marks the first time that ZF Group has cooperated with a customer in the steer-by-wire business in the Asia Pacific region, says the company. It marks a first that the two sides will promote the evolution and development of technology within fields such as autonomous driving and electrification.