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Upshift saw a problem…124 million Americans drive less than 10,000 miles per year in their cars, and they are still spending $10,000 a year on car payments, maintenance, insurance, and parking.

Upshift is a flexible, convenient, and affordable alternative to leasing a car. Subscribe to a plan that you can upgrade, downgrade, cancel, or pause anytime and only pay for the days you drive. A hybrid or electric car will be seamlessly delivered and parked next to your doorstep on the days you need it. It will be waiting for you with your own driver profile already set up, clean, and fueled/charged. At the end of your use just park it and walk away. Upshift will take it from there.

“In a city like San Francisco, half of the cars are only getting driven about 6,000 miles a year.That’s about all the street parking in San Francisco taken up by these cars that are driven maybe 2 days a week. Our vision is replacing those cars with a fractional fleet that we store, manage, service and deliver to you as needed, initially through teleoperations and eventually through full automation,” said Ezra Goldman, Co-founder and CEO of Upshift.

The company has a goal to eliminate car ownership, car accidents, and carbon emissions while creating living jobs and livable cities.

“You get all the joys and freedom of mobility to go where you want. You could go for a hike, go to a meeting in Silicon Valley, visit family and friends, whatever you want to do that requires a car – and you don’t have to deal with the hassle and headache of parking, maintenance, and insurance,” said Ezra.

Now anyone can invest in Upshift through an equity crowdfunding campaign on Republic. The goal is to involve all those who wish to improve their city, and to be part of the group that is offering innovative solutions.

Ezra will be joining us at MOVE America in Austin, Texas, this year to join our business model stream to talk about developing new business models that offer customers greater flexibility. Within this stream, we also have a talk on purpose built commercial vehicles led by Greg Tarr, CSO, Indigo Technologies and Raven Hernandez, Founder and CEO, EarthRide.

Don’t miss out! Find out more at: MOVE America 

Learn more at their website at upshiftcars.com
For a limited time, anyone can invest in Upshift too at https://republic.com/upshift-2022