Vito Giallorenzo, SVP GM of corporate development at BlackBerry QNX, chatted with MOVEMNT about the future potential of the software-defined vehicle (SDV) – hinting that it might be far greater than we expect.

Giallorenzo carries on John Wall’s analogy of BlackBerry QNX being the plumbers of the SDV, and even goes a step further. He compares the potential future of the SDV to the journey of the mobile phone – stating that it will surprise many people in how far the technology could go, like the smartphone has.

He said: “The car is very similar to the phone in that they are both connected moving object that can create a lot of value from the signal and personal data it contains.”

Watch the full conversation where Giallorenzo also explains how the IVY platform and BlackBerry QNX fit together to bolster the SDV’s architecture.

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