The Autonomous Vehicle (AV) industry is moving quickly, but what are some of the barriers in its way? MOVE recently spoke with Chess Stretson, CEO of dRISK, who has identified a big barrier to AV safety and, even better, provided a solution to it using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

dRISK is a start-up company that are testing and training AVs to be safer and respond to high-risk events that it detects in advance. Using countless tricky or hazardous vehicle scenarios – which are individually unlikely, but together make up all the risk on the road – dRISK is training their software to make autonomous driving smoother and safer.

Using an unprecedented scale and variety of data and patented AI, dRISK has assembled and mapped out out the whole space of edge cases into a knowledge graph of scenarios (like Google’s knowledge graph of the internet, but in this case, of the real world).


If you would like to meet and talk with dRISK come and join them at our MOVE 2023 event in London next week or at MOVE AMERICA 2023 in Austin, TX in September. We’ll see you there!

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