Swedish state-owned multinational power company Vattenfall and the delivery company Instabox have initiated an international collaboration to provide charging infrastructure for Instabox’s electric vehicle fleet.

By the end of 2022, Vattenfall will operate approximately 400 charge points on Instabox’s terminals in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

“We are pleased that Instabox has chosen Vattenfall and our complete Power-as-a-Service solution for charging infrastructure at its logistics terminals in three countries. Vattenfall is responsible for the entire investment for the charging infrastructure which we own and operate. This means Instabox can focus on their core business of delivering parcels, while we support their switch to electric vehicles,” says Maria Lindberg, Head of electrified heavy transport at Vattenfall Network Solutions.

Vattenfall’s Power-as-a-Service solution provides Instabox with fully managed EV charging facilities at each of their delivery hubs. To this date, Instabox has almost 200 chargers into operation in the three countries and another 200 chargers are planned to be deployed during 2022. Vattenfall’s charging solution for Instabox is built around central AC charger cabinets with 22 kW output per socket and dynamic load balancing technology.

“Electrification of our vehicle fleet is an important part of our sustainability strategy and long-term we would like our entire fleet to be electrified. The agreement with Vattenfall means that we avoid high investment costs”, says Leilei Tong, Head of Sustainability at Instabox.