ZF Services UK will be launching the new-generation autonomous Level 4 shuttle live at MOVE 2023 next week.

The new shuttle generation uses ZF’s latest Autonomous Driving (AD) hardware and software and provides the shuttle with Level 4 AD capability. Attendees at MOVE will have the chance to see the shuttle for the first time and learn more about ZF’s complete service offering for the future of mobility.

David Morgan, UK sales manager for Autonomous Transport Systems, ZF Group UK, said:

“We’re so excited to be showcasing our new next-generation autonomous Level 4 shuttle in the UK for the very first time, and what better place to do it than at MOVE 2023, where all of the industry’s leading professionals will be gathering and connecting to learn and share the latest in the future of mobility.”

Holding up to 22 passengers, the shuttle has a flexible interior, offering different configurations for the customer’s specific operational requirements. The autonomous, emission-free ZF shuttles can operate on defined routes and is capable to manoeuvre in mixed traffic without a safety steward. It provides up to 15 seats in various configurations, as well as different floor and seat materials and colours.

ZF also offers an entire service concept, providing whole-life support from planning to implementation, deployment, operation and after service, working closely with its clients to deliver a tailor-made package to meet their needs and ensure the process is as seamless as possible.



At the heart of the system is ZF’s ProAI supercomputer, which can execute up to 1,500 TOPS. For the Shuttle to talk to its environment, the ZF ProAI interacts with the ZF’s ProConnect, a connectivity platform with advanced ​digital services​. High flexibility, modular hardware and customisable software covers a wide bandwidth of use cases for any sort of vehicle​. Various remote features include technology that is customised for the perfect fitting solution with LTE & 5G, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5, C-V2X, DSRC and high precision GNSS​.

As well as automotive grade hardware, ZF has also developed the Level 4 software package, the Virtual Driver. The software stack consists of two major parts: the performance path and the safety path. Together, both enable an operation of Level 4 shuttles or other transportation carriers to have an added layer of security.

The safety path monitors comprehensive situations under safety aspects, defines virtual guardrails for the performance path, and intervenes if necessary to help mitigate critical situations. Meanwhile, the performance path enables smooth driving in complex scenarios. ZF developed this in partnership with Oxa (formally Oxbotica), a global leader in autonomous vehicle software for businesses.


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