EV conversion company Electrogenic have revamped the classic 1960s Jaguar E-Type with a conversion kit that will make the iconic model an all-electric model. The company supply authorised installers to insert the kit into the vintage classic. Alternatively, customers can purchase the 1960s model in Type 1 to 3 – in either a Roadster or Coupé design – as an EV.

Electrogenic have kept the up-to £240,000 valued model with 100% of its classic look but converted it to 100% electric function with zero-emissions. The EV conversion company have previously converted several classics including Land Rover Defenders and Series Is to Series IIIs.

The first conversion was unveiled on a 1962 Series 1 Roadster model of the E-Type. The car was equipped with 43kWh of OEM-grade batteries that supply 150+ miles of range. The vehicle also included special features such as 0-60 mph acceleration in under 6 seconds and a fully charged capacity in around 50 minutes.

Electrogenic has said that the conversion kits include E48 and E63 battery options which respectively deliver capacities of 48kWh and 63 kWh as well as a mileage range of 160-200 miles. The kits fit directly into the vehicle’s existing interior with the original fuel gauge of the model now showing the charging state and the oil temperature gauge now showing charger temperature.

Electrogenic co-founder, Steve Drummond, said:

“Having seen extraordinary international demand since we launched our drop-in kit range at the end of last year, it’s immensely satisfying to now be delivering kit converted classics – like this stunning E-Type – to new owners all over the world, ready to be enjoyed for decades to come. 


“These kit deliveries truly mark the dawn of a new chapter for the company, taking the business to a whole new level. It’s certainly an exciting time to be at Electrogenic, and this is just the start. Watch this space for more announcements in the coming weeks and months.”