General Motors has announced the finalisation of energy sourcing agreements required to secure 100% of energy needed to power all its U.S facilities by 2025. The company has said that this is in line with the accelerated target announced in September 2021, which is 5 years ahead of the 2030 targer announced early 2021 and 25 years ahead of the initial target of 2050, set in 2016. 

Hitting this goal early means that GM expects to avoid production of an estimated 1 million metric tons of carbon emissions that would have been produced by burning 1 billion pounds of coal. 

“We believe it is critical — to ourselves, to our customers and to the future of the planet — to step up our efforts and reach ambitious targets that move us closer to a more sustainable world,” says Kristen Siemen, GM chief sustainability officer. “Securing the renewable energy, we need to achieve our goal demonstrates tangible progress in reducing our emissions in all aspects of our business, ultimately moving us closer to our vision of a future with zero emissions.” 

At General Motors, renewable energy is a critical component of the company’s plans to decarbonise. GM has a renewable energy strategy that is rooted in four main pillars: Increasing energy efficiency, sourcing renewables, addressing intermittency and policy advocacy.  

GM’s renewable energy portfolio now includes sourcing agreements from 16 renewable energy plants across 10 states, continuing to lead all automotive OEM’s as the largest offtaker of renewable power in the industry, said the company’s press release. 

“General Motors has been a trailblazer in corporate clean energy procurement for manufacturing facilities for over a decade,” said Miranda Ballentine, CEO of the Clean Energy Buyers Association. “Today’s announcement of securing the energy needed to achieve their 2025 goal is another example of their leadership. But even more impressive has been GM’s commitment to sharing their learnings and guiding other corporations who want to follow their lead. In a world of high competition, this community-orientation is truly wonderful.” 

Back in 2021, GM announced its Science Based Targets for emissions reduction, as well as plans to become carbon neutral in its global products and operations by 2040. Furthermore, GM plans to eliminate tailpipe emissions from new U.S light duty vehicles by 2035.