Picture: Nikola

Nikola and ChargePoint have announced a partnership that will accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the fleets across the U.S.  

The joint venture will allow Nikola and the Nikola sales and Service Dealer Network to resell ChargePoint’s comprehensive portfolio of charging infrastructure and software solutions to its fleet customers, ensuring a solid technology interface and integrated sales approach between the two companies. 

“By having complete access to the entire ChargePoint product line to support all aspects of the Nikola business model, our Sales and Service Dealer Network will be able to reduce the time required to design, procure and construct both small- and large-scale charging infrastructure projects for our customers,” said Nikola President, Commercial Pablo Koziner. 

The company has said that through this alliance, Nikola and its customers will have access to the full suite of ChargePoint advanced software solutions, including charge management, range forecasting and streamlined delivery route and schedule planning, simplifying the management of fleet operations.  

“This partnership enhances our ability to provide a customer-focused charging solution at the right time, at the right place and for the right price. Making electrification easy helps fleets focus on their core business operations while easily adopting new technology,” said Rich Mohr, vice president, fleet, at ChargePoint. “ChargePoint is committed to supporting OEM’s, dealers and fleets with the right tools to adopt and transition to EV transportation without disrupting their core operation.” 

Additionally, ChargePoint software enables full operational visibility, which is said to help customers understand their fleet and can better utilise their vehicles, prevent breakdowns and reduce operating costs. 

The company has said that Nikola has issued purchase orders for ChargePoint E-skids, ChargePoint’s rapid deployment DC fast-charging solution to accelerate its customer’s adoption of mobile charging infrastructure. Deliveries are set to begin in November.