Alpha Wireless has announced a licensing agreement with Bigbelly, a leader in public space waste solutions, to offer a turnkey 5G cell site solution with integrated antenna, mast, connectors and enclosure.  

This complete site enclosure kit features the innovative Bigbelly Telebelly waste and recycling platform designed to host and conceal network equipment. 

“The revolutionary Telebelly enables essential connectivity and, if appropriate, waste management, in an easy to access location with minimal visual impact and footprint,” said Brian Phillips, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bigbelly. “By allowing Alpha Wireless to offer a turnkey solution integrating their antennas with the Telebelly, we help network operators solve key challenges more quickly, while delivering meaningful services to municipalities for improved quality of life.” 

The turnkey site enclosure kit can be configured with various Alpha Wireless antenna options, such as ultra-compact antennas for urban small cells or shared tri-sector antennas for macrocell deployments, supporting up to three operators in one neutral host site, stated the release. 

“As 5G transforms how networks are built, today’s smart city innovators are looking to new, more functional solutions to hide telecoms infrastructure in plain sight. Integrating our versatile, high-performance antennas with the Telebelly enclosure creates a winning combination — as proven in a recent proof of concept deployment in Dublin,” said Fergal Lawlor, Chief Executive Officer, Alpha Wireless. “Our licensing agreement with Bigbelly streamlines critical network scaling and densification to meet the relentless growth of subscriber data demands.” 

In addition to the antenna and mast, each Telebelly can accommodate six radios plus cabling, with co-location capabilities for multiple enclosures per site. This scalable solution enables network operators worldwide to expand deployments to deliver improved connectivity experiences in high traffic areas where coverage is most needed. 

“Given the saturation of traditional cell sites in many cities and suburbs worldwide, network operators need to explore a new approach to RAN deployments before they can fully realize the promised 5G customer experience of higher speeds and lower latency,” said Monica Paolini, Principal, Senza Fili.

Press release and picture: Alpha Wireless