In the wake of challenges while dealing with real-time mobility data, Zeliot, a deep tech company founded with a vision to create revolutionary products in the connected mobility ecosystem, is all set to introduce Condense, a verticalised mobility cloud platform, at MOVE America 2023.

This platform-based solution is poised to transform the landscape of mobility data orchestration, further helping enterprises to tailor their mobility solutions for more efficient and safer operations.


Condense, a Verticalised Connected Mobility Platform

Zeliot’s Condense addresses the complex conundrum of real-time mobility data with a comprehensive, one-stop solution. The platform’s innovative architecture seamlessly manages the diverse streams of mobility data originating from heterogeneous sources including Brokers, Databases, IOT sensors and Telematics Devices. By offering out-of-the-box connectors and production-ready data pipelines, Zeliot’s Condense streamlines the otherwise arduous process of data ingestion and transformation.


Helping the Mobility Giants to Drive the Future of Mobility Data with Faster GTM Strategies

Zeliot’s Condense is a low code no code LCNC, click-to-deploy IoT platform that’s live on various cloud marketplaces (currently live on Microsoft Azure and soon to launch on AWS and Google Cloud). This robust IoT platform is re-inventing the future of connected mobility ecosystem, further helping enterprises to minimize Go-to-Marketplace time. Here are some other good things about Condense:

  • Works smoothly with all the after-market IoT devices
  • Offers predefined mobility-specific off-the-shelf modules for data transformation
  • Supports the incorporation of new devices in a matter of minutes, allowing direct processing of the data streaming from Telematics Hardware in the enterprise-owned cloud, enhancing security, saving costs, and optimizing customizations
  • Scales up automatically to handle the load, further optimizing costs and bringing down manual intervention


Experience the Future of Mobility at MOVE America 2023

At MOVE America 2023, mobility giants will witness how Zeliot’s Condense seamlessly automates the process of data transformation into valuable business insights. Leveraging the capabilities of these valuable business insights, enterprises can always make informed decisions in real-time. Some of the platform-based mobility solutions that enterprises can build on Condense include route optimization, fleet management, Remote diagnostics, EV battery-swapping applications, etc.

Zeliot invites attendees to explore how Zeliot’s Condense is powering real-time mobility data at Booth No. 1245. In an era when data reigns supreme, Zeliot’s Condense stands as a beacon of innovation, simplifying complexity and ushering in a new era of intelligent mobility data management.

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