Mobility re-imagined. Next MOVE takes place in London

Mobility re-imagined. Next MOVE takes place in London

Following the success of the first in-person MOVE event in 20 months, held in Austin, Texas last week, the baton passes to London as host of the next MOVE on 9/10 November.

As the world’s most important Mobility event, MOVE is the place to partner, learn, connect, create and do great business.

For the London event, we can promise an exceptional, world-class programme with over 300 speakers across 18 streams. What’s more, book before midnight (BST) on Friday 8 October using the code FLASH50 to save an incredible 50% on tickets!

Here’s a dozen people you can’t afford to miss:

  • Thomas Ingenlath, CEO, Polestar
  • Dr Andy Palmer, CEO, Switch Mobility
  • Tom Elvidge, SVP Vehicle Programmes, ARRIVAL
  • Quentin Willson, Motoring Broadcaster & Transport Campaigner
  • Isobel Sheldon OBE, CSO, BritishVolt
  • Bich Tran, CEO Europe, VINFAST
  • Craig Knight, CEO, Hyzon Motors
  • Nadeem Sheikh, VP, Woven Planet
  • Stephen Fitzpatrick, Founder & CEO, Vertical Aerospace
  • Jim Adler, Founding Managing Director, Toyota Ventures
  • Jamie Heywood, Regional General Manager, UK, Northern & Eastern Europe, Uber
  • Joseph Ma, Deputy General Manager, Shenzhen Bus Group

It will be an emotional return to the ExCeL Centre in London Docklands. The last London event in February 2020 came just before lockdown and we can’t wait to return.

In the interim, we’ve learnt a huge amount about what really makes great content (in the world of virtual events we soon discovered that if people didn’t like it, they logged off). Insight, conversation and story work, so that’s what you’ll get in abundance at MOVE.

You’ll find full details including how to book your tickets at the London MOVE website

Don’t forget… book before midnight (BST) on Friday 8 October using the code FLASH50 to save an incredible 50% on tickets!

Join us, be the MOVEMNT

Analysis reveals cheapest cities to hire e-bikes

Analysis reveals cheapest cities to hire e-bikes

A new report reveals The Hague in the Netherlands to offer the cheapest e-bike daily rental. The report from personal finance experts shows there is significant variation in daily rental rates even within the same country. In nearby Amsterdam, for instance, the daily charge is nearly ten times greater than in The Hague, suggests the research.

The Cycle Cities report compared 40 global cities and in terms of e-bike rental costs, the best value cities are:

  1. The Hague, Netherlands (£2.56 daily hire charge)
  2. Madison, United States (£10.78/day)
  3. Brisbane, Australia (£12.20/day)
  4. Cluj-Napoca, Romania (£15.65/day)
  5. Prague, Czech Republic (£16.76/day)
  6. Limassol, Cyprus (£17.03/day)
  7. Luxembourg, Luxembourg (£17.10/day)
  8. Vienna, Austria (£19.59/day)
  9. Valencia, Spain (£21.29/day)
  10. Amsterdam, Netherlands (£21.46/day)


The report also presents a Cycle-Friendly Index, which allows for cycling laws, the number of mapped bike paths per resident, pollution levels, topography and average annual temperatures/rainfall levels.

From this assessment, rates the world’s ten most friendly bike cities (ranked on a maximum possible score of 280) to be:

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark (216)
  2. Tallinn, Estonia (210)
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands (209)
  4. Helsinki, Finland (201)
  5. Tel Aviv, Israel (192)
  6. Oslo, Norway (185)
  7. Adelaide, Australia (185)
  8. Perth, Australia (183)
  9. Canberra, Australia (177)
  10. Valencia, Spain (173)
US Women-focused sustainability podcast relaunches as Electric Ladies

US Women-focused sustainability podcast relaunches as Electric Ladies

Green Connections Radio officially relaunched as Electric Ladies podcast in an announcement from CEO Joan Michelson at today’s MOVE conference in Austin, Texas. The podcast producer, based in the Washington DC, runs interviews about energy and sustainability innovation with top women leaders across every industry.

Electric Ladies guests include Fortune 500 C-suite executives, top government and nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and journalists. Topics range from technologies to transportation, fashion, buildings, data analytics, policy, and ESG investing.

Michelson is today moderating a panel at MOVE on “Innovative business models to make mobility more equitable” with Payam Safa, CEO of Obi, Rodolfo Dieck, Managing Director of Proeza Ventures, and Carey Anne Nadeau, Co-CEO of Loop.

“I’m delighted to announce the launch of our podcast rebrand as Electric Ladies. The new website has all my 300+ podcast interviews, hundreds of articles from Forbes and in other outlets, and information about our coaching programs. These help people stay abreast of how top players are transitioning us to a clean energy economy. We give valuable, nuanced career advice in each episode too, especially for women.”

Renowned media coach and author of the bible for audio talent, “Beyond Powerful Radio,” Valerie Geller says, “Articulate, passionate, and driven, Joan Michelson brings sharp intelligence and wit to these conversations that cover the full range of issues, not just problems, but solutions for women, the environment and all things to make life better for all.”

Event preview: Transport’s 5G future – from smart railways to autonomous vehicles

Event preview: Transport’s 5G future – from smart railways to autonomous vehicles

Over the last year, 5G mobile technology has been rolled out in markets around the world. Offering data speeds up to 100-times faster than 4G and ultra-low latency, the new technology is potentially transformative, allowing subscribers to download 4K videos in seconds or interact with one another seamlessly in virtual reality.

However, 5G’s real impact goes far beyond novel consumer experiences and higher quality communication. In fact, the biggest value from 5G will not be realised by mobile subscribers, but by enterprises, who will use its high bandwidth and low latency to unlock yet more technologies, from machine learning and artificial intelligence to automation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

But what impact could 5G have on the transportation industry?

Perhaps the most exciting and high-profile use cases in this space are related to autonomous vehicles. Self-driving cars will need to communicate with one another and make automated decisions about its environment almost instantaneously when on the road, with 5G crucial in delivering the required ubiquitous connectivity.

But while autonomous vehicle technology is still very much in its infancy, there are many more transport applications for 5G that are far more within reach. From IoT sensors that can be deployed on railway lines to monitor the track, to smart motorways that can update drivers about traffic congestion in real time, the opportunities are growing as the transport and telecommunications spheres increasingly converge.

In a session called ‘Trains, Planes & Automobiles: 5G-enhanced mobility’ at this year’s inaugural, virtual 5GLive, event, a panel of experts will discuss the process of digitising urban transport systems, explore 5G transport use cases, and highlight the key challenges related to upgrading and expanding mobility systems. 5G Live is organised by Terrapinn and a sister event to MOVE.

FEATURED SESSION: Trains, Planes & Automobiles: 5G-enhanced mobility

18 May, 14:20 BST


Roland da Silva, Independent Strategy Advisor (Moderator)

Johannes Springer, Lead 5G Automotive Program, T-Systems

Philip Baulch, Director of Technology & Innovation – Public & Corporate Sectors, BT

Jos Beriere, Strategic Business Developer B2B, KPN

5GLive is free to attend! Visit the 5GLive website for more information.

Connected Britain  –  21-22 September | London

Connected Britain – 21-22 September | London

Connected Britain returns to London!

On the 21st and 22nd September 2021, Connected Britain will arrive at London’s Business Design Centre.

Over the past 7 years, #ConnectedBritain has solidified itself as the UK’s number 1 event to understand the technology, regulation and investment environment for the rollout of next generation broadband, as well as to meet with all the leaders in the space.

2021 will see further evolution of the content to explore in more depth how next generation broadband technologies, especially fibre and 5G, are enabling an economic revolution in the UK.

The Roads & Traffic Expo Thailand –  24-25 November 2021 |  BITEC, Bangkok

The Roads & Traffic Expo Thailand – 24-25 November 2021 | BITEC, Bangkok

Roads & Traffic Expo Thailand is the leading meeting place for the road transport ecosystem. 

Supporting the sustainable development of the nation’s transport infrastructure is a key focus of Thailand’s Ministry of Transport. In line with the Thailand 4.0 vision, the 20-year National Transport Infrastructure Investment Plan 2017-2036 is geared towards achieving transport efficiency, and creating green, safe, inclusive, and innovative transport. By harnessing the power of digital technologies, and building out and renewing transport networks and systems, the government is making unprecedented acceleration in making Thailand a hub for connectivity.  

To drive greater public infrastructure investment and increase investor confidence, the government has also rolled out its Transport Infrastructure Investment Plan, which is linked to the 20-year National Strategy and the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan, and emphasises transport modality shifts, increased connectivity, and enhanced mobility.  

The Thai government is committed to innovating Thailand’s transport sector, partnering with various stakeholders including manufacturers and connectivity providers, as they work to solve challenges in urbanisation, sustainability, security, global competitiveness, and economic development. Are you ready to join them?  

Roads & Traffic Expo Thailand is the trade show for the entire roads transport ecosystem in Thailand. Industry leaders and experts from across Thailand attend to do business and get up-to-speed with developments in the fields of infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, urban transportation, parking, and safety.  

Highways UK – 3-4 November 2021 | NEC, Birmingham

Highways UK – 3-4 November 2021 | NEC, Birmingham

Highways UK was launched in 2015 at the start of the Government’s first five-year road investment strategy (RIS), which committed £15bn between 2015-2020. This marked the end of decades of politically driven stop-start funding and removed a longstanding barrier to investment and innovation within the sector.   

Despite the disruption wrought by Covid-19, the sector embarked in 2020 on the second five-year road investment strategy. This commits an unprecedented investment from Government of £27bn into the strategic road network, covering England’s motorways and major trunk roads, between 2020-2025.   

With this impetus, it is no surprise that over the last five years highways have consistently been the most buoyant and innovative sector within infrastructure and construction. And as we embrace the major disruptors in the sector – connected, autonomous, shared, and electric, overlain by the need to decarbonise rapidly – we are just at the start of this transformational journey.   

Highways UK sets out to bring together the people responsible for planning, developing, managing, maintaining, and future-proofing the nation’s roads networks, by combining a high-level multi-stream conference together with a major services and suppliers-led exhibition.    

It rapidly established itself as the sector’s must-attend event and the highlight of the highways industry’s annual calendar. Attendance increased from just over a thousand in 2015 to nearly six thousand in 2019.   

Highways UK today enjoys an impressive level of support from a diverse range of both public and private sector organisations, including all the road client authorities and Tier 1s, cascading through the entire highways sector supply chain.   

Its influential advisory board includes senior and active representation from Highways England, Department for Transport, Transport for London, ADEPT, Transport Focus, CIHT, Civil Engineering Contractors Association, Campaign for Better Transport, LGTAG, LCRIG, Connected Places Catapult, Zenzic, ITS UK, along with leading private sector organisations. All are there to ensure that Highways UK covers the things that matter to the entire sector.  

Highways UK’s success is built upon bringing together, at scale, the influencers and decision makers across the sector to identify how to deliver the roads infrastructure the country needs, while at the same time, achieving positive outcomes for the economy, society, and the environment. We are also pretty good at creating spaces to network, learn and do business.  

MOVE  –  9-10 November | London

MOVE – 9-10 November | London


This is where we partner… where we launch… where we connect… where we create…

MOVE is where we commit to the transformation of urban mobility

MOVE is a cosmopolitan and creative community of right-thinking individuals committed to change

MOVE is joined-up thinking that seeks out new and novel partnerships and sees mobility through a different lens

MOVE is a specialised and focused event dedicated to mobility, not an add-on to a tech or electronics show

MOVE is mobility that respects the planet