GoCar Tours is planning to roll-out self-driving electric vehicles in Las Vegas. The company is planning a demonstration in early March.  

The company have already been present in a handful of popular cities in the United States and Europe, including Barcelona and San Diego. The company was founded by Nathan Withrington and Alasdair Clements, and its first GPS-guided tour launched in San Francisco in 2004. 

The deployment combines vehicles from Arcimoto with driverless technology from Faction Technology and GoCars’ guided-tour system.

The cars hope to be operational in six to eight months, and the vehicles will drive themselves to one of GoCars’ partner hotels on the Las Vegas Strip where customers will get in and take over driving for a sightseeing experience guided by a “mobile tour guide.” 

“It’s like having a local on wheels tell you about the city,” Withrington says. “You can stop where you want, get out where you want and schedule your time on your own schedule, not a tour bus schedule.” 

At the end of the experience, the customer exits the vehicle at their hotel and the car drives itself back to the GoCar depot. 

Withrington says the company is hoping to line up several large hotels on the Las Vegas Strip as partners. It will take six to eight months before the vehicles can deliver themselves to the hotels. .

For distribution, GoCar partners with re-sellers such as Expedia and Tripadvisor and other in-destination experience providers, where its tours are part of a “destination pass.” 

Picture: GoCar Tours

Source: Phocuswire