EVware are a UK-based automotive startup, developing a hardware and software platform to help connectivity in vehicles. They produce automotive HMI systems and cloud-based APR-driven services which help vehicles have a greater connectivity.

In a climate where the software defined vehicle is on the rise, EVware recognised a gap in the market for smaller automotive OEMs and providers that have began popping up due to pressures of decarbonisation. EVware intend to give these smaller OEMs a greater accessibility to the same technology in order to progress the idea of the software defined vehicle. The intention is to allow the software defined vehicle to be able to adapt over time in order to progress the development of the automobile industry.

Their technology allows users to view and analyse data from their vehicles in real-time using their apps. Their EVware core HALO product is a combined HMI and connectivity unit with TFT touchscreen display, allowing OEMs to easily plug into vehicles and avoid the usual integration complexities.

Their HMI and connected vehicle platform allows OEMs to deliver a more sustainable transport that can be marketed quicker and for a fraction of the usual price.