Photo: Autotrader

Leading UK automotive marketplace Autotrader have begun selling e-bikes as part of their service.

With existing presence in multiple other forms of electric mobility – including vans, cars, quadricycles, mopeds and motorbikes – the brand has now started offering over 1,500 e-bikes from 45 manufacturers including Raleigh and Brompton, aiming to develop the mainstream adoption of e-mobility solutions.

Ian Plummer, Commercial Director at Auto Trader, said:

“We are focused on helping consumers to make more environmentally friendly vehicle choices so in turn they can make more environmentally friendly journey choices. This might be walking or using a bike instead of using a car for a short journey, or perhaps an e-bike could be used to travel to a train station.”

Following on from the government’s launch of the Gear Change Plan, the emergence of e-bikes intends to offer a new personal mobility solution that can help to achieve the government‘s ambition of half of all journeys in towns and cities being walked or cycled by 2030 in a more accessible and fair way.

Onsite research carried out at the end of 2022 shows there is keen interest for e-bikes from the existing Auto Trader audience with nearly a quarter (24%) of visitors to the marketplace saying they were interested in owning an E-bike.

In addition, of those visiting the leisure vehicle marketplace, nearly a third (32%) said they were interested in owning one with another 30% of respondents already owning one.

Julien Scriven, MD of Brompton Bike Hire, said:

“Whilst over 90% of adults know how to ride a bike, less than 3% ride a bike regularly. Electric bikes are a great way to encourage the 87% to give cycling a go. At Brompton we passionately believe that it is vital to encourage people to use the most appropriate mode of transport for the journey they are taking.


“It is fantastic to see Auto Trader starting to promote electric bikes which can only help encourage their regular visitors to consider adding a bike to their choice of travel options.”

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